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Can I get WI-FI, TV and mobile? 2017-03-02T12:28:40+00:00

Yes you can get Wi-Fi and Mobile However no TV. We recommend notusing WI-FI and instead you should talk to each other and enjoy the nature.
Mobile Phone: Try not to use mobile phone nothing will happen when you don’t use it –Your business will run smoothly and you will get total peace of mind.

What should I wear and pack? 2017-03-02T12:28:45+00:00

Since we are located in the tropics, it is fairly hot & humid through out the year. We recommend you wear light cottons. Beachwear is perfect.

What about tipping? 2017-03-02T12:28:49+00:00

If you feel like tipping any of our staffers please do so at your discretion.

How about cash? What currency should we carry? 2017-03-02T12:28:54+00:00

As you know just about everything is covered in the room rate but just in case you want to settle any extras we accept the Indian Rupee.

What about medical facilities? 2017-03-02T12:28:58+00:00

Basic medical supplies are available on the island. A doctor on call facility is also available. Hospital is 10 to 30 minutes away and a speedboat and its driver are on duty 24 hours. We suggest you take travel insurance, which includes appropriate medical coverage.

When can we arrive and depart? 2017-03-02T12:29:06+00:00

The guest’s time is our time. -We will be ready to serve you whenever you want .24 hrs.

For this price what do I get? 2017-03-02T12:29:11+00:00

A) The whole island for you

B) Total Privacy with nature

C) Peace of Mind