Can I get WI-FI, TV and mobile?

Yes you can get Wi-Fi and Mobile However no TV. We recommend notusing WI-FI and instead you should talk to each other and enjoy the nature. Mobile Phone: Try not to use mobile phone nothing will happen when you don’t use it –Your business will run smoothly and you will get total peace of mind.

Can I get WI-FI, TV and mobile?2017-03-02T12:28:40+04:30

What should I wear and pack?

Since we are located in the tropics, it is fairly hot & humid through out the year. We recommend you wear light cottons. Beachwear is perfect.

What should I wear and pack?2017-03-02T12:28:45+04:30

What about tipping?

If you feel like tipping any of our staffers please do so at your discretion.

What about tipping?2017-03-02T12:28:49+04:30

What about medical facilities?

Basic medical supplies are available on the island. A doctor on call facility is also available. Hospital is 10 to 30 minutes away and a speedboat and its driver are on duty 24 hours. We suggest you take travel insurance, which includes appropriate medical coverage.

What about medical facilities?2017-03-02T12:28:58+04:30

When can we arrive and depart?

The guest’s time is our time. -We will be ready to serve you whenever you want .24 hrs.

When can we arrive and depart?2017-03-02T12:29:06+04:30
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