Vini’s Farm

VINI’S Farm was a surprise gift to my wife, for her birthday. She did not have any clue till I took her to our farm. The invitation you see on the right was made for the occasion and was shared with her family and friends.


Lots of people have influenced me to create this farm.
It includes my Dad, who was a Conservator of Forests. He loved nature and I grew up in tune with him. He also grew vegetables and fruits organically at home.
Whenever I visited him, the very first thing he would do was to take me to his small garden for a stroll and show all the vegetables and fruits he cultivated having grown up like this, my wife also liked home grown and organic food. Whenever we went grocery shopping, I always saw her near the organic section buying organic food with our grocery bills running very high. That’s when I decided to be self-sufficient and thought of establishing VINI’S FARM


  • A Whole island to yourself         Live king size          Private Chef

  • Organic by nature, we grow vegetables on the farm, source our food from in and around the island and get fresh catch from our local fishermen.

  • Perhaps one of the only islands in the world where the river meets the lake and is given to a couple / family or two known couples.

  • The Island is neither too small nor too big; you can see water from anywhere.

The concept behind the whole island for a couple.

While studying hotel management, I noticed hospitality made way for hostility. The guest was not the king there. Hotels or Resorts decided, and still decide, the routine of a guest. I wanted to change a few rules of the industry and give our guest an out-of-the-box experience, pamper them with personalized services and make them live life king-size. So, I developed this new concept. I decided to give our guest Total Privacy, Freedom and Organic food from in an around the island.

We do responsible tourism too. We segregate the waste, make vermicompost with natural waste and use that to grow our own vegetables organically.

We procure food from local households and farmers in the immediate vicinity whereby we give back to the society we live in.

We want to conserve natural resources in whatever way possible. We have planted mangrove trees around the island. Mangroves not only help prevent soil erosion, it also helps marine animals to breed in a natural environment. Hence, it protects and propagates marine life.

We will be involved in community development using a certain percentage of our profit. Though we already source organic food from local households and farmers, we would like to make their produce available to bigger markets by marketing it and getting it across for them. We would encourage local schools to grow their own vegetables and get students involved by distributing seeds and saplings to start with. This will educate the youth about the importance and necessity for organic farming and sustainability.

Help us help Mother Earth!
Thank you very much –Hope you have a wonderful stay.

Nature lovers